Jay Requard

Jay Requard

Risen from the hills of North Carolina, Jay Requard is an award-winning fantasy author known thrilling Epic Fantasy and action-packed Sword & Sorcery where heroes battle evil with spell and steel!

How PONDERING THE ORB manifested (+ reflections)

By Jay Requard

Jay takes the reader on a journey around the creation and production of his new YouTube show and podcast, PONDERING THE ORB! Offering tips and advice on what you need to start your own media project, this post also features the first FOUR episodes!

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A Wave of Lions: Salt Songs of The Mirror Sea

A Wave of Lions: Salt Songs of The Mirror Sea

by Jay Requard

Sail upon the Mirror Sea with the corsairs and battle empires, monsters, and fell-sorcerers from the deep! This collects all three Salt Songs books into one complete volume of high adventure and magical mayhem!

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