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Digging Up the Dead

by Jay Requard

A blog about indie publishing, opportunities, and second editions--how putting togetehr DEATH & DUST 2nd Edition expanded my understanding of what I could do with past books, new technology, and the future!

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How PONDERING THE ORB manifested (+ reflections)

by Jay Requard

Jay takes the reader on a journey around the creation and production of his new YouTube show and podcast, PONDERING THE ORB! Offering tips and advice on what you need to start your own media project, this post also features the first FOUR episodes!

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Borders and Shading

by Jay Requard

An exploration on the process of visualization as it relates to meditative practices. Fantasy author Jay Requard details exercises to building a stable method of employing visualization techniques for health and wellness.


Children and The Trees

by Jay Requard

An essay exploring the influence of Tolkien's work and life on the topics of ecology and how we treat our children, join me as we walk into the woods of Middle-earth!

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Pear Seeds

by Jay Requard

Everyone looks for writing advice so I try to offer some here while examining my short fantasy short PEAR TREE! Read about music, metaphysics, managing creativity, and receive a free copy of the eBook!

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Why I am a Humanist

by Jay Requard

Examine the philisophy of Humanism, both secular and spiritual, in this short essay with a (small) reading list included!

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Queen Zaki

by Jay Requard

There are reasons we sailed into these unknowns. Come walk with me and we'll talk about them, this site, and these books. We'll talk about Zaki.

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An Everlasting Siege

by Jay Requard

Award-winning author Jay Requard explores this exciting sequel in his seafaring fantasy, SALT SONGS!

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Lions of the Sea

by Jay Requard

Join award-winning fantasy author Jay Requard as he breaks down the origins and inspirations in this thrilling new Sword & Sorcery series by Falstaff Books!

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The Breath

by Jay Requard

A blog post exploring breathing and breathing techniques within the practice of meditation.


Aboard The Lookfar

by Jay Requard

Explore the classic series, EARTHSEA, in this survey of Ursula Ke Le Guin's magical and epic world!

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For The Next Moment...

by Jay Requard

A blog post focused on building a basic practice of meditation!